Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Champions of Erebor

Others have commented on the outrageous price of these new Battle of Five Armies figures from Games Workshop: £118 in the UK and the fact that buying them in one lot like this gives no saving on buying the five individual packs they come in.  

What it says to me, however, is that there are going to be no big battle plastics for the film, just horrifically expensive Finecast figures for even basic troop types.  A lost opportunity! 


  1. A lost opportunity, indeed. I'm afraid, though, all it screams to me is that GW are not prepared to invest in plastics for these because sales have clearly been so poor. I think there are just too few of us who play/buy this ailing system, and it's been evident for months. The death knell for the LotR/H SBG sounded a long time ago for me. I might pick up one or two of the nicer sculpts for future painting projects, but you're right - £118 is eye-watering.

  2. I agree that sales are very poor but I believe that's because GW priced out all the new people who wanted to start playing, if you didn't have an army already getting one from the Hobbit figures would be a small mortgage.

    1. I would agree, you have to be an avid fan or pretty serious collector to get into this now... still they did sell out of 200 smaug models instantly, making the company ~£60k! So there is certainly interest out there (and wallets to back it up) evidenced by a very active, it seems, community... at least in UK; GBHL ( )

  3. They are a nice set indeed, though not a priority purchase for me... of course that may change after I see the BOFA movie...