Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Orc Battle Company

I went to GW in Oxford Street (it's only 170 yards from my new office, worryingly!) to get a few acrylic paints to paint my Warhammer 40K free figures for my son. Whilst I was in there I picked up the new Mordor supplement for the Lord of the Rings. It looks quite good (without having much actual content!)and so I decided to start a few more evil army figures. I have had a couple of Orcs on my painting table for months and so, suitably inspired, I have just based enough more for a Battle Company. I already have the two archers you need as I painted those for a game we did at Guildford a couple of years ago. Even though I am up to my eyes in the Zulu War at the moment (I must have spent over £100 on Zulu books in the last couple of weeks) I can see that having a few LotR plastics to do might come as a relief to all those regimented figures.

The Battle Companies Mordor starting force is as follows:

2 Orcs with bows.
3 Orcs with two-handed weapons.
3 Orcs with hand weapons and shields.
3 Orcs with spears.

This is the force so far. Lets see how they progress in a couple of weeks!