Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Games Workshop not really supporting The Hobbit

I went into Games Workshop in Oxford Street today and fancied buying King Thror, as I have been enjoying painting some character figures for my new Roman army,  Not only did they not have one but the GW guy seemed very uncertain about the figures in the range. When I asked if they had the set of the Men of Dale he started looking in the (very limited) LotR boxes rather than the very distinctive The Hobbit sets.

This lack of stock (alright it is the week after the DVD came out but they should have allowed for that), his lack of knowledge of the range and the derisory treatment of the game in White Dwarf makes me wonder why on earth they spent so much money on the licence if they aren't going to support it.  Other than the launch issue there has been nothing in White Dwarf for months.  Even worse, until this month's issue, they have all been sealed in plastic so you don't find this out until after you have bought it.  

Maybe, especially given the prices, they really do believe, as Jervis Johnson was recently quoted as saying, that GW figures are now about collecting not gaming.

Frankly, I believe that the White Dwarf team are being lazy and unimaginative.  So, admittedly The Hobbit is not full of set piece battles but come on, make something up!