Monday, 27 December 2010

Orc Tracker

I found this at the back of the workbench and gave him a quick and rough paint job earlier this month.  Somewhere I must have his two fellows and as he didn't take long to do I must try and dig them out.  It's not that important to paint Orcs nicely; you just need to get them done as you are going to need a lot!  I am not too keen on the non film-based figures as they usually have a completely different style to the, mainly Perry sculpted, ones that were representations of the film originals.  These aren't too bad though.

In one of those GW oddities the Orc trackers cost the same as an Orc bowman but have a better shooting value.  They hit on a 4, 5 or 6 rather than a 5 or 6.  They lose a point in defence but archers are less likely to get into hand to hand combat. 

Monday, 22 November 2010

Uruk Hai Scouts completed

Well it's taken rather longer than I had intended but I have finished the last twelve Uruk Hai scouts to go with the dozen I did some time ago.

These are now ready for an Amon Hen scenario or to battle Riders of Rohan at the edge of Fangorn forest. Possibly I will get some more Rohan cavalry done next.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ruins of Osgiliath

I haven't been too excited by much of Games Workshop's recent Lord of the Rings stuff as the further it gets from the films the less I am interested in it. I did buy the new plastic fell beast. however, and may start that this weekend.

Their latest announcement is much more interesting: plastic Osgiliath ruins and for the comparatively bargain price of £15 a set.

Guy and I like the Minas Tirith warriors and they are very quick to paint and even though Orcs take a bit longer we are both enthused about street fighting in the ruins so may start to get some more figures painted before the ruins come out in May.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Orc captains

Mordor Orc Captains

I got given these for Christmas by Guy and got them painted in a record two days. Particularly lovely figures to paint, I must say. Shortly after that we had a Battle Companies game and I realised the night before we were due to play that Guy needed two more Orcs for his Isengard battle company. I managed to get them all based and painted except for the metal work that evening and so could finish them off first thing before our game.

Two more Orcs

I really don't think it would take too long to finish the figures I need for an Orc battle company especially as I already have them based so will undercoat them this weekend.