Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Battle of the Five Armies

 So, we have our first glimpse of the battle of the Five Armies and it has, as you would expect lots of Orcs who are, also as expected, not as disciplined in traversing the ground as Uruk Hai.

There are also, as you would expect, armoured Elf archers.

However, what I wasn't expecting was what looks like armoured dwarf cavalry riding armoured ibexes!  Dwarf cavalry?  Riding mountain goats?  Surely not?  The big question is, how many of these troop types will actually appear as Games Workshop figures or will they just produce a few characters at £25 a time?  

One thing I suspect will be released is this enormous chariot!

The trailer is here.


  1. Hurray a new post! A friend showed me this last night his comment was this movie seems to be made for Games Workshop to make new miniatures. When I saw that clunky chariot I gnashed my teeth when he saw the dwarf cavalry, a sin he feels dams the offending sculptor to Hell for all eternity, he gnashed his teeth. I'm saddened because I read the Hobbit as a teenager and the description of the battle of the five armies is what got me into wargaming.

  2. I don't think you can blame the sculptor, as it will no doubt have been PJ's vision! Although it flies in the face of Tolkien canon, I rather like it, and for us wargamers, if it injects a bit enthusiasm back into playing the game, or draws in new players - I am all for it!
    I actually think the idea of the Ibex is rather good - its a mountain dwelling beastie so fits well with the dwarves environment, at least it wasnt a boar/bear rider which have already been done!

    1. Actually. I thought it was all a bit Tour de France mountain stages! I love that chariot!

    2. Agreed, it did look rather cool!