Thursday, 26 December 2013

You're going to hear me Thror!

So, I have finished my first figure from The Hobbit: Thror, King of Erebor.  He is one of those ludicrously expensive Finecast pieces but at least I got him at Dark Sphere so got him at a discount.

Like some of Games Workshops Tolkein figures he is a bit of an amalgalm of looks from the film.  His distinctive beard jewellery comes from the scenes inside Erebor, particularly, in the extended version, from when he meets the elves.  Yet the model is in fighting mode but in the film the beard jewellery (beardellery?) isn't worn in his brief battle scene.  

Incidentally, most painted figures I have seen make the colour on his beardellery blue but the stills from the film show it as definitely black so I dug out mt little used Humbrol number 21 gloss black for this.

I had no issues with this Finecast figure other than the cost and a rather bendy sword which I couldn't get to straighten out however much I (carefully tried).  No holes or pits or any of the other things people moan about.  The only issue was the complication of cutting him from the sprue which has much chunkier connectors to the figure than a plastic figure and alittle more carving away of excess material is, therefore needed.

Some Erebor dwarves next!

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  1. Nice job. Looks like he just needs some orc necks to slice now!