Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Galadhrim Warriors

I continue single-handely to regenerate the economy of Nottingham

One thing I do not need at present is any more Lord of the Rings figures. I have hundreds to paint! However I couldn't resist this latest box set from GW of Galadhrim Warriors.

I love the scene in The Two Towers where Haldir brings his elves to the relief of Helm's Deep but up until now you have had to fork out a fortune (well £7.85 for three figures) to build this force. So the £20 for 24 figures is a bargain (by Games Workshop reckoning).

It's still pretty steep for plastic figures given that Victrix sell 60 Napoleonic French for the same price.

Interestingly, if you look at the scenes from The Two Towers (very much my favourite of the trilogy) quite a few of Haldir's Elves are women (see far left in the picture above). This is probably not reflected in the plastic models! GW no longer call them Haldir's Elves but just "Elves with bows" or "swords".

I might take them on holiday with me to paint but will try and ensure that they don't look too bright but more Peter Jackson (or Weta) muted. Guy is keen that I build a Helm's Deep model but all those curved walls may be beyond my capabilities!

GW do captains and a banner bearer (at an eye watering £5.85) to make a War of the Ring unit. I suppose it's less than half the price of a Martini at the Langham Hotel down the road. I have a GW exactly 170 paces from where I work and it's a good thing I took this new job last year with its threefold salary increase or I'd be stuffed!

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