Sunday, 4 January 2009

Battle Companies Game: Moria Goblins vs Dwarves and Gondor

My liitle boy and I usually play a game of Battle Companies during the Christmas holidays and this year was no exception. However this year my daughter wanted to join in too so we modified our planned forces to include a Dwarven company (seven figures) and a Gondor (also seven)taking on two Moria Goblin forces (24 figures).

The board set up. Goblins coming on from the left, Gondor from the top and the Dwarves from the bottom right.

We set out the board with the usual scenery but this year put my Weathertop model in the centre. I still haven't painted this but my recent discovery of how good the Citadel spray black paint is should accelerate this process this year, hopefully.

Turn 1

The Goblins won priority and split into two to head towards the dwarves on the right flank and the men of Gondor on their left.

Turn 2

Good won priority and the Dwarves and Men of Gondor headed towards a planned rendezvous in the ruins on the hill.

Turn 3

The Dwarves reach Weathertop

Good won priority again and several Dwarves reached Weathertop before anyone else.

Turn 4

Goblins swarm in

The Goblins win priority and race to the Weathertop ruins as well. The Dwarves flee from the ruins in order to avoid the Goblin bowmen.

Turn 5

Gondor and the Dwarves meet up

The Dwarfe and Gondorian forces Rendezvous below the walls of Weathertop whilst the Goblins have become split into four groups.

Turn 6

The first shooting sees a Gondor bowman dispatching a Goblin. The Dwarf Captain soon chops up another Goblin who is trapped against a wall: he can't do anything against the Dwarf Captain's (christened King Dwarf the Fouth by my daughter who prefers Narnia and names most of her Dwarves after those from Narnia) four attacks. First blood to Good!

Turn 7

The Dwarves put paid to four Goblins in one turn!

Turn 8

Three more Goblins bite the dust. The Dwarf captain takes a hit and then a wound but uses up his fate point to recover it.

Turn 9

Hooray! A Dwarf is down!

At last the Goblins hit back and dispatch a Dwarf and a Gondor Spearman for the loss of one more Goblin.

Turn 10

Despite winning priority four more Goblins go down, mainly to the axes of the Dwarves. The Goblins have now lost 14 out of 24 whilst the Dwarves and Gondor have only lost a man each.

Turn 11

The end is nigh for the Goblins as the Captain of Gondor flank attacks the Goblins dispatching one more on the walls of Weathertop.

Turn 12

Over the far side of the watchtower, away from the main action, two Goblins try to dislodge the Gondor archer who has been taking pot shots at them but the first is dealt with quickly. Down below two lone Goblins have tried to scuttle around the base of the tower unseen but they are spotted by two Gondorians who deal with them rapidly.

Turn 13

It's all over for the Goblins who find themselves double and triple teamed. Six lost in one turn and the game is over leaving only my solitary Goblin captain to scuttle away to try and find some more axe fodder.

I haven't played as a Goblin force before and know that you should try to use archers to whittle down opponents before they can get into close combat and then try and surround opponents to triple team them. Unfortunately the main fights developed in a very constricted part of the board and I couldn't get my Goblins in in enough numbers or use my bowmen. I found dwarves blocking narrow gaps and chopping my goblins up as they were fed in literally piecemeal. It was like a horrible Middle Earth Thermopylae and I was the Persians! Total losses were two Dwarves out of seven, one Gondorian out of seven and 23 out of 24 Goblins! A crushing defeat at the hands of my gleeful children!

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