Saturday, 5 January 2008

Gondor Battle Company

I finished the Gondor Battle Company. The starter force is two archers, two spearmen and three with hand weapons. These are all plastic figures. I will replace one of the plastic swordsmen with a metal Captain shortly (but I didn't have one when I started them).

I also painted a standard bearer for when I have a bigger force. They are pretty quick to paint so I may do some more soon.

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  1. Leg!
    Our group started doing LOTR in earnest last fall. It's quite a good game to bring new gamers into. We have wives of two members who were not interested in wargaming or miniatures, but liked LOTR, and now have started collecting and painting their own figs.

    It's good to see your son interested in it. My godson is 9...sounds like he is getting to the correct age. Has your son been painting any miniatures on his own yet?

    David S.
    Minnesota USA