Thursday 7 March 2013

The Hobbit: Grim Hammers Dwarves Part 2

I finished the box of Grim Hammers at the weekend and they came out OK without being brilliant.  Apart from the fact that I seem to have lost my ability to paint at present the detail of the armour on these at the side of the figures (always a problem with plastics) was little blurred.  I was going to paint their lower armour plate be plate but the detail was not precise enough so I had to resort to dry brushing.  I decided to go for the mountain interior base colour like my LotR goblins and existing dwarves.  I can always repaint them if I decide to go for a traditional grassy base.

Here is the design for one of the dwarves from The Hobbit Chronicles book which contains a lot of useful costume shots for all the characters from the film.  I can't actually remember who they fought in the film so need to wait for the DVD which is due out next month.  The armour is darker than the Boltgun Metal paint I used so I might add a black wash in the future.

A few of Thorin's company next, I think.


  1. nice work.

    for a darker metal, I took a spare paint container and mixed roughly 60% boltgun and 40% black. You get this nice, rich, blackened metal color. Perfect for Uruks and Grimhammers!

    Just make sure when you run low that you finish one miniature before mixing more. If the proportions of the new mix are even slightly off, it will be noticable if you try to touch up something painted with the previous batch.

  2. Great! I'll try that. I only use acrylics for metals so am not familiar with mixing them!

  3. They have come out wonderfully!

    If your trips to foreign places ever bring you over to this far side of the world, be sure to bring them with you!
    I'd love a match up with my goblins!

  4. There is a slight chance! Somebody from the NZ govt has requested a meeting with me in London next week!

    Your goblins have inspired me to get mine based at least and my daughter wants to play a game!

  5. Nathan, I'm definitely going to get those new dwarves! Some of The Hobbit characters next though!